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CCR Events has worked with U.S. Presidents and other government dignitaries, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities and sports stars.  Our team can provide the quality of service and equipment that speakers and entertainers of this caliber have come to expect.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates - Microsoft Founder
George H.W. Bush
President George H. W. Bush
James Baker
James Baker - Secretary of State
Rudy Guliani
Rudy Giuliani - Mayor, New York City
  • President Bill Clinton
  • Bill Cosby (Actor)
  • Sen. Joseph Libermann
  • Morton Anderson (Athlete)
  • Martin Sheen (Actor)
  • Toby McGuire (Actor)
  • Magic Johnson (Athlete)
  • Newt Gingrich (Politician)
  • Cybil Sheppard (Actor)
  • Blake Shelton (Musician)
  • Matthew Perry (Actor)
  • Miranda Lambert (Musician)
  • Chipper Jones (Athlete)
  • Cher (Musician/Actor)
  • Bono (Musician)
  • Alton Brown (T.V Chef)
  • Gen. Colon Powell (Politician)
  • President Ronald Reagan (Politician)
  • Reuben Studdard (Musician)
  • Steve Carr (CEO)
  • James Carvell (T.V. Commentator)
  • Vice President Al Gore (Politician)
  • T.D. Jakes (Minister)
  • Mickey & Minnie Mouse (Mascots)
  • Vice President Dick Cheney (Politician)